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Lavender Toilet Hire and Cleaning Products 087 822 1309

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Lavender toilet hire is a portable toilet hire and cleaning products company

since 2011

TEL: 087 822 1309 OR 0834071283 OR 0724860220

 We rent

- Flushable Portable toilets
- Non- flush Portable toilets
- Disability Toilets
- VIP trailers
- Urinals ( Mens-rooms)
- Janitor service

We clean

- Portable toilets our own and yours
- Septic tanks
- Ablution blocks

You can rent Portable toilets for

- Events
- Construction sites
- Mines
- Security guards
- Watercuts
- Weddings
- Functions Big and Small     

We Manufacture

- Pit fresh for Pit toilets
- Portable toilet Chemicals for Portable toilets and
 VIP trailers 

You can buy

- Household cleaning products

- Industrial cleaning products 

For All surface cleaning, degreasers, washing powder, Liquid Handsoap,Kitchen cleaners, Bathroom cleaners, fragrance spray's, Grease trap cleaner, Drain cleaners, Deep cleaners, Urinal P-Ilands, Urinal cleaners, Septic tank save products and lots more 

We deliver in the following areas

Pretoria, Delmas, Ogies, Brits


Biotechnology cleaning products

For households, businesses and industries

Our products save water

Our products require less (or no) rinsing, no re-washes and very little scrubbing. This means you save water, while getting a real, green clean.

Gentle on your skin

Our enzymes are non-toxic, non-irritating, non-gaseous, non-flammable, non-pathogenic and non-hazardous – in short, they’re tough on dirt, gentle on skin, and good for the environment.


We use effective naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients. Containing no harmful chemicals, the surfactants in our products are biodegradable. We use nature’s bug-eating power to demolish dirt and obliterate germs without harming the environment.

We stand against animal testing

We believe animals are our best friends, not test subjects. We harness the power of nature, by using what she freely offers – no more, no less. We’d never test on animals, and neither should you.

Pre-Occupation and Deep Cleaning

Many of the chemicals in traditional cleaning products cause harm to the environment, water, people, animals and food when exposed to it

The enzyme cleaning products we use are non-toxic, non-irritating, non-gaseous, non-flammable, non-pathogenic and non-hazardous. They clean better than germicidal cleaners because they digest the dirt and germs, eliminating them rather than moving them around.

Products are certified, ISO 14001, SABS1828, Green Tag and GBCSA Green Star

We specialize in

Pre-Occupanional cleaning buildings, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools, ablutions etc

 Deep cleaning

Restrooms, Schools, Clinics, Construction sites, Restuarants, Butcheries, Basement cleaning, office cleaning, Mines etc

Our passion is to see the world cleaner and greener