Lavender Cleaning Products

Cleaning was never so easy and cost effective with our organic, enviromentally cleaning product range


Pit fresh

R40 for 1 month dosage

is used for Pit toilets it is an organic digester it reduces sewage disinfect the pit and disolve newspaper and toilet paper

Organic Multipurpose cleaner: 


R150 FOR 5 Litre concentrate

Enzyme products for general cleaning, odor control, fat and oils, drains, septic tanks, doggy odors,blood sewage,grease, fat traps, dustbins, tiles, carpets, bathrooms, urinals, kitchens

No harmfull chemicals in products that can cause allergy, ashma or cancer

Safe to use all around your House, Butchery, Farms, Vets,Shopping malls, Schools etc

House-hold cleaning products


 7 Highly concentrated cleaning products and
18 rolls 2 ply toilet paper

Includes the following:

*2 x Multipurpose cleaner

each makes 3 litres
Effordless cuts through dirt and grime,leaving streak free shine on all surfaces. For tiles, floors, kitchen, bathroom, carpet and upholstery

*1x 250 ML Dishwashing Liquid makes 2L

Highly concentrated drop provides lasting foam for impeccable cleaning, works in hot and cold water

*1x 250 ML Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent 

use 50 ml per wash
 This laundry detergent has been scientifically developed to meet the needs of consumers who want powerful cleaning and stain removal performance, but also want a product that is environmentally friendly.

*All fabric bleach

use 50 ml per wash
Specially formulated to boost regular washes when stains are tough.
Cleans toilet take 1 litre boiling water add 1 scoop, pour in toilet leave overnight

*Concentrated Fabric Softener - makes 2.2 L

 liquid softener, which restores softness, maintains absorbency and reduces static cling for supreme comfort. Helps protect your clothes from excessive wear and tear.
Can be used both in the wash and in the dryer.

*1 x Multi Action Fluoride Toothpaste (50ml/75g) 

A multi-action fluoride toothpaste with SYLODENT™B Silica, provides optimum abrasiveness for effective stain removal with enamel safe polishing. Clinically tested to remove plaque and fight cavities with regular brushing, leaving your teeth sparkling clean and fresh. 


R97.00 for 4

4X Stainless steel scouring pads
Long lasting,for glass, tools, ovens, grills, fruit and veg
unable to rust
Will not scratch glass



R40 for 500ml spray

Lavender fields and English Rose

Highly concentrated

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