Events rental

VIP trailers

Flushable portable toilets


Lavender toilet hire specializes in Event toilet hire

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We rent out the following:

- Flushable portable toilets
- VIP trailers ( Ladies and Gents on a trailer)
- Disable Units
- Mensrooms with urinals for up to 7000 men
We provide
- Janitor Service
- Free hand wash stations with handlotion and handliquid soap when renting more than 4 toilets from us or a mensroom
- Free operational plan when require

How to calculate:
1x toilet per every 50 people for 8h00
You can safe money by renting the mens-room
We have a 5 urinal mensroom and a 12 urinal mensroom

accomondate 700 to 5000 men

Includes handwash station

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