Compliance Certification



We are accredited by SASAC to decontaminate, sanitize, disinfect, deep clean


Lavender is mandated to issue Compliance certifications for Sanitation
Our products are ceritified

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We make use of tested SABS approved products against COVID-19 that kills harmful bacteria and viruses 99.99%

Our products consist of 7 Enzymes and Probiotics

2 Important enzymes 1- breaks down fat - 2 breaks down protein

Products are kind to Humans, Animals and Food

For many years we are assisting customers to use the correct products against harmful bacteria it includes spillages, odor, sewage, deepcleaning etc

A chemical product stays active for around 20 minutes our products stays active for 6h00 to 8h00 and it is not harmful to humans, animals, food or the enviroment

70% Alcohol sanitizers are only suffient on contact with the virus, as it can cause harm to your health it must only me use in emergencies when water and soap are not available