Background on Pit Fresh
Pit Fresh was developed by Lavender Cleaning Products in 2013 as there had been numerous requests from rural communities to assist them with a product for their Pit toilets that would restore a hygienic environment and offer a measure of dignity to the user.
Advantages using Pit Fresh:
  • It is affordable
  • It disinfects the toilet instantly
  • It reduces the sewerage levels in a very short time
  • It kills all worms and maggots
  • Eliminates flies that spread disease.
  • Breakdown newspaper and toilet paper
  • Never have to pump the toilet that is very expensive
  • Job creation to communities
  • The product works and was tested in various areas in South Africa for more than 12 months
  • Made in South Africa
  • Fixed affordable price to the end user to keep the price stable.
  • Dramatically extends the life of the Pit Toilet
How does Pit fresh work
Pit Fresh is an organic waste digester. Pit Fresh requires a wet environment to initiate the process. It is necessary to mix the dosage (110g) with about 10-20 litres of water and then introduce the mixture to the pit ensuring it adequately saturates the waste in the pit. The process begins immediately and depending on the volume of the waste significant results will be noticed within 48 hours
 Pit Fresh not only reduces solid waste to a liquid but also contains a biocide to destroy the bacteria that makes the odours and worms. Therefore, Pit Fresh is a complete solution for the pit toilet system. The pit will last much longer by using Pit Fresh as once the solids have been liquefied the liquid will seep into the soil and not fill up with solid waste.

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